You’ll get paid well for doing this in Nairobi, Governor Sakaja pledges.

Nairobi’s governor, Johnson Sakaja, has advised county citizens to be on the lookout for instances of illegal dumping and to report any such incidents to the appropriate authorities.

On Wednesday, Sakaja issued the call to action in a Twitter post that included images of county employees cleaning out drainage systems throughout Nairobi.

Let’s kindly stop doing any more illegal dumping, Sakaja urged, while we clear the city’s drainage system.

“Mulika kabisa, Ukiona mtu akidump, and you record; we detain, file charges, and divide the fine. I’ll work on the county law to provide this provision. Let’s maintain a spotless city.”

In October, Governor Sakaja attributed the Nairobi garbage problem to the previous government, claiming that the city’s present waste problems are the result of neglect, unlawful dumping, and contractors that withdrew their services owing to unpaid invoices totaling Ksh. 3 billion.

Sakaja stated that his government will issue a green bond that will be used to finance the construction of a public transportation system as well as the expansion of the infrastructure for waste disposal and water distribution.

According to Sakaja, a portion of the green bond will be used to address Nairobi’s rubbish problem by turning trash into energy.

Sakaja claims that since taking office, his government has collected at least 70 tonnes of waste, and attempts are currently being made to find a long-term solution.

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