You Can Now Message Yourself With WhatsApp’s New Feature

A feature that makes it simpler to communicate yourself has been added to WhatsApp.

On Monday, the Meta-owned messaging service unveiled “Message Yourself,” a feature that effectively serves as a user’s notebook to bookmark critical information among other WhatsApp discussions.

Users of Android and iOS devices will be able to send themselves notes, reminders, and links on WhatsApp under the service, which has begun rolling out globally.

Users simply tap the “make new conversation” button, and their contact will then show up at the top of the contacts list.

WhatsApp will direct them to the chat page where they can message themselves by tapping their contact.

One will be able to pin their conversations to the top of the conversation list, just like with conventional chats, for easier access.

Before this, WhatsApp users could only “chat themselves” by utilizing the app’s “click to chat” feature, sending messages to inactive accounts, or using improvised WhatsApp groups with only one other user.

Slack and Telegram, two of WhatsApp’s competitors, offer similar functionality already. With Telegram, users can save messages, notes, and links to be viewed later from the conversations screen by using the “Saved Messages” feature.

The ‘Jot Something Down’ options in Slack, on the other hand, allow users to send notes to themselves.

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