Woman Detained After Setting Her Son’s Hands on Fire Over Food

In Homa-Bay town’s Shauri-Yako estate, a 23-year-old mother is being detained at the police station after allegedly setting her son’s hands on fire for stealing cooked food from the neighbor’s home.

When she learned that her son had allegedly broken into the neighbor’s home and eaten fried liver, the woman is believed to have bound his hands with nylon bag string (manila) before setting it flame on his hands.

According to reports, the youngster who was playing with his three siblings went into the neighbor’s home and took the food before the neighbor’s youngster noticed him and reported him.

Salim Nyauke, the assistant chief for Homa-Bay township, claims that the boy’s screams as his hands were put on fire prompted neighbors to intervene and save the youngster from her mother’s grasp.

The youngster was rescued, according to Mr. Nyauke, and taken urgently to Homa-Bay County Referral Hospital where he is being treated for severe burns to his fingers.

The woman will be charged with assault once the inquiry is over, according to the assistant chief.

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