Winnie Odinga: US Influenced Outcome Of Kenya’s Presidential Election 

Winnie Odinga, an EALA MP nominee, now asserts that the US government affected the outcome of the August 9 presidential election in favor of President William Ruto.

Winnie claimed in an exclusive interview on Citizen TV’s Newsnight Show on Tuesday that the Joe Biden-led nation meddled in Kenya’s elections to prevent Azimio la Umoja chairman Raila Odinga from winning.

Winnie compared the Western nation’s alleged intervention in Kenya’s polls to a person playing a virtual reality game, noting that she felt devastated when the results of the presidential polls were released because she was part of Raila’s presidential campaign team.

“Have you ever tried on virtual reality glasses?” That is what Kenya represents to them. You put it on and start playing. “Kenya is like a video game to them,” she explained.

When asked to rank the West’s claimed amount of intervention in the outcome of the presidential elections on a scale of one to 10, Winnie answered 13 to emphasize her point.

She also addressed claims that she willfully damaged Raila’s campaign by micromanaging the former premier’s PR team into oblivion.

“This is my father, and I don’t believe anyone worked harder on the campaign than me. People were there with their own agendas; they were there to sabotage us and do all sorts of things, but I did everything I could to prepare him (Raila) for success “She stated.

“He is my father; everyone may refer to him as ‘baba,’ but he is my father. I don’t see anything wrong with being too cautious. People usually look for someone to blame when they look back. Even though I enjoy campaigning, I was rarely on the campaign road.”

Winnie went on to say that she feels the rumors were fueled by her enemies because she skillfully headed Raila’s campaign communication team.

“You’ve heard politicians say I kept him away from them, yet they were with him out in the field.” They were with him more than I was, and I believe there has been a lot of mudslinging. “A lot of people are probably scared since a lot of our skills came out,” she explained.

“The campaign was about 80% young people, and you know people don’t like being seen as irrelevant or attempting to shape the status quo, so perhaps as things transition, they’re just trying to silence me, but I’m going to keep doing what’s right for this country.”

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