Willis Raburu Proposes To His lover Ivy Namu

Willis Raburu and his lover Ivy Namu, otherwise known online as ‘Bazu’ and ‘Mazu’ respectively,  are engaged. 

The lovebirds who are expecting their second child together got engaged on Sunday, as they celebrated their son’s first birthday. 

Raburu pulled all the stops to make the engagement memorable, including enlisting the help of Sol Generation’s Nvirii to serenade his wife before popping the big question. 

As the couple posed for photos during the birthday celebration,  Nvrii walked in, with mic in hand, belting out a ballad as Raburu went down on one knee, with an engagement ring in hand.

Musician Ben Soul, also from Sol Generation, walked in, and handed the wife-to-be the reddest bouquet of roses you ever saw. 

“You’re my love, my everything,” Raburu said, before sliding the engagement ring on Namu’s finger as the audience cheered. 

“A thousand times yes, in this lifetime and the next,” Namu captioned a photo in which she showed off her shiny ring. 

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