Why We Withdrew Aisha Jumwa’s Graft Case, DPP Haji explains

The reasons behind the dismissal of a corruption case against Public Service and Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa were divulged by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji.
Between May and October of 2018, Jumwa was accused of illegally receiving Ksh.19 million while serving as Malindi’s representative in parliament.

Haji claims that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ obstruction of gathering evidence led to the decision to withdraw the case from court (DCI).

He added that he could not tolerate “the miscarriage of justice” and that the decision to charge Jumwa was not supported by any evidence.

He remarked in an interview with KTN on Sunday, “We sought for evidence and it was never provided. We had written more than five reminders to the DCI and it was never delivered.

“DCI said they have evidence to directly link Aisha Jumwa to the crime, and they made available some documents that we felt if more documents were made available then proof could be there to allow us to prosecute her, but they were never made available, so we had to review the case and withdraw it,” the DCI said.

DPP Haji criticized the DCI, alleging that they were carelessly managing the organization under George Kinoti, the DCI’s previous chief, and that the majority of cases did not qualify for charges.

He also said that the DCI had not provided him with sufficient proof in a number of situations, which is why he had to decide to withdraw those cases.

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