Why I prefer Apple over Android

There are many reasons I think Apple beats Android in almost every way so just keep reading… Android is cool and they have around 24,000 different versions of there devices. Android usually sells more budget phones and has a larger percent of global users than IOS, although IOS has a bigger percent of the market in the US. I have five main reasons why I think Apple is better than Android.

1. iPhone has longer and more consistent updates:

Apple usually gives around 5 years of updates for every phone sold, which is more than any number of years Android phones get. In the beginning of 2020, around 70% of all IOS devices were on the latest IOS 13, 23% were using IOS 12, and 7% were on earlier versions. When comparing to Android’s poor 10% of there devices running second to latest Android 9, Apple truly takes the lead.

2. iPhone is consistently faster than all Android’s comparable devices:

This reason is especially crazy because Apple phones usually have lass ram then Android phones while consistently being faster in terms of opening apps and Geekbench scores. This is largely in part to Apple design there software and hardware, which makes for better integration to have a overall better experience.

3. More apps

Developers tend to want to make apps for IOS before they make apps for ANDROID. They favor Apple over Android because Apple has a very nice platform to build apps for. They may also do that because Apple sells more phones in the US than Android.

4. No extra bloatware

Apple tends to have less bloatware than Android. Most carrier Android phones come with lots of apps that are just not needed at all. You will never see a carrier app on Apple , which makes it have a lot less bloatware that just fills up the phones space.

5. They have top-notch care and support teams

Apple has numerous support phone numbers and online chat helps. They also have very good in store service, and you can go back there to get help at any time. They also have Apple Care available to buy with any phone you buy from them to insure that you have a way to fix your phone if it breaks.

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