Why Choose an 1800cc Toyota Premio Over a 1500cc Toyota Premio

One of the most popular sedans in Kenya is the Toyota Premio. At a constant speed, this vehicle transmits greater power. Toyota engines can handle power, fuel, stability, and torque in a variety of ways. The letter “cc” stands for cubic centimeters, which represents engine capacity.

Engine size boosts power. A 1500cc Toyota Premio has a smaller cubic centimeter displacement and has marginally less power than an 1800cc Toyota Premio for long distance driving.

For daily commuters, the 1500cc Toyota Premio is the most practical in terms of fuel efficiency, however the 1800cc Toyota is the most suggested for people who frequently drive long distances.

Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Premio 1800 consumes fuel on average at 15 km/l as opposed to the 1500cc, which uses fuel on average at 17 km/l. The 1500cc engine has the most power.

Endurance and steadiness

The rather underpowered Toyota Premio 1500cc is outclassed by the Toyota Premio 1800, which offers better power, stability, and speed.

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