What MARY LINCOLN Did To Her Ex-Husband Will Leave You Shocked

Mary Lincoln, a Kikuyu gospel singer who had three daughters with her first husband of ten years, Lincoln Kamau, had left him three years ago.

Mary was a house girl in Nairobi before she met and wed Lincoln Kamau, and her first husband is credited with transforming her into the woman she is today.

Lincoln Kamau, who works in Gikomba, is the one who made his wife famous. He gave everything to support her music, including funding the recording, videography, and music production. Soon after, all Kikuyu radio stations, including Kameme, began playing her music and inviting her to perform at various events.

The controversial Kikuyu gospel singer, left her first husband Lincoln Kamau after becoming famous and wealthy for Njogu Wa Njoroge, a well-known Kikuyu radio host who was then working for Uhuru Kenyatta at Kameme FM.

Mary Lincon, who resides in the Nyawira Apartments in Thindigua along the Kiambu Road, has shockingly turned into a trader; one day she is with Njogu Njoroge, and the next, she is with a different man.

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