What KQ Pilots Are Demanding Before Resumption of Work

On Saturday, 400 pilots who are members of the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) went on strike.

In order to ensure that Kenya Airways and the pilots reach a mutually beneficial agreement, the union stated that it is prepared to listen to “real” conversations.

In a statement released on Saturday, Captain Murithi Nyagah, the secretary general of KALPA, blamed KQ for the current state of affairs at the airline, stating that the association’s leaders requested a meeting with them before the strike but that their concerns were never addressed.

Here is a list of the pilots’ grievances:

  • Provident Fund: The pilots want the fund reinstated with immediate effect which includes employer, employee contributions, as well as penalties and interest
  • Reinstatement of pilots and union officials whose contracts were terminated. KALPA has also demanded a stop to harassment and victimisation of union officials
  • Retraction of show cause letters and formal letters issued by the immediate former Chief Pilot
  • Ab Initio loans: KQ to cover interest and penalties on ab initio loans accrued during period of reduced pay
  • Recruitment to be done on a competitive basis
  • Re-advertisement of the Chief pilot position and guarantee of fair hiring process
  • Termination of employment of six top KQ officials. The association said it has reconsidered the termination of CEO Allan Kilavuka in good faith to allow him to operate in the interim until a suitable replacement is found
  • Calculation of leave days in accordance with Labour court ruling of 2020

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