Wetangula: To ensure the CS grilling by Parliament is broadcast on TV, standing orders are being modified.

Moses Wetangula, the speaker of the National Assembly, disclosed that efforts are being made to change the Standing Orders to permit live television coverage of Cabinet Secretaries’ appearances before parliamentary committees for questioning.

Wetangula applauded President William Ruto’s proposal on Tuesday to require Cabinet Secretaries to regularly appear before the parliament to discuss their goals and the status of their dockets and to be held accountable for them.

In order to make the administration transparent and open to information, Wetangula informed Radio Taifa, “I agree with what the president is saying and we are in the midst of revising standing orders to set out a day each week where CSs will be grilled.”

He pointed out that although while the current Standing Orders permit CSs to be questioned by parliamentary committees, Kenyans are not given the opportunity to participate in the process and only a small number of MPs in the committees really carry it out.

“According to current standing orders, CSs may testify before parliamentary committees, but this procedure is not broadcast live so Kenyans cannot watch. Additionally, not every MP has the opportunity to question the CS, he added.

“The State broadcaster broadcasts parliamentary proceedings live, and I will amend the standing regulations to let media outlets to broadcast parliamentary committee proceedings,” he continued.

“The parliament is also passing a law, and a new committee is being established to deal with media and ICT-related issues. I’ll make sure they take into account press responsibility, freedom of speech, and expression, he said.

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