Wetangula Speaks Over His Links To Greek Firm Printing IEBC Ballot Papers

Bungoma Senator  Moses Wetangula has been linked to a Greek Firm that secured the contract to print ballot papers for the August 9, polls.

ODM in a letter to the IEBC questioned how the firm secured the tenders claiming that key officials of the firm met in January over a business deal only to secure the tender months later.

The Azimio Coalition wrote to the EACC linking the Senator to the tender and asking the body to probe the matter.

The coalition through its spokesperson Junet Mohamed is suspecting that the deal could be suspicious and at the end bungle the integrity of the August 9 elections.

Senator Wetangula has however denied any involvement in a comprehensive statement he issued to the media.

Here is the full statement:

I have read a headline story in the Daily Nation Newspaper on Wednesday July 6 2022.  The story is desperately malicious and false in its entirety and actionable. I have never had any business relationship with IEBC. I know nothing about ballot printing or any printing business for that matter!! I have no relationship of any kind with the person named in the story Joshua Abdalla Makokha. 

The author of the false and malicious story could easily establish if I have any links with the printing company that I have no knowledge of or from IEBC if they have any commercial relationship with me apart from overseeing my elections.

The malicious story is simply a diversion from real election issues of fighting corruption, high cost of living, debt burden, state capture, glaring conflicts of interest in the management of public affairs, and of course our imminent and unstoppable victory come August 9, 2022.

Furthermore, there appears to be a hopelessly spirited malicious witch-hunt against leaders holding political opinions that are seen as going against or challenging the so-called system. 

This will be resisted by whatever means necessary.

 I have instructed my lawyers to take the necessary legal action against the author of the falsehoods and the media house propagating it!!

If any letters were written on letterheads indicating they are from the Bungoma senator’s office, they must be forgeries!! I have never written such letters.

I do not and I repeat, I do not know the three foreigners being referred to.

ODM must keep me out of their election woes and come to the reality that they are once again starring in a disastrous election outing.

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