West Pokot: Two Children Shot Dead By Bandits In Separate Attacks 

In the West Pokot County area of Chesegon, suspected bandits killed a sixth-grade pupil on Thursday night and a 12-year-old pupil on Friday morning.

The Marigat sub-county hospital received the most recent bandit victims for treatment.

In the Yatya region, two further persons were shot and hurt, one of them was a Grade 5 student on midterm break.

This has frustrated locals and their leaders as bandit attacks have continued despite the presence of police in the region.

One of the victims’ fathers, Thomas Kiburet, stated: “Tulisikia risasi mingi sana tukatoroka tukajificha kwa sababu hatuna silaha ya kujibishana nao…sasa after 20 minutes ndio tulikuja nikaona kijana yangu amepigwa

They were grazing when the bandits ambushed them, according to Musa Chesire, who managed to flee after suffering a gunshot wound to his hand.

He asserted, “Walitokea kwa kichaka wakapiga risasi mpaka mimi nikachanganyikiwa nikarudi huko tena wakapiga mimi risasi ndio nikatoroka tena.

The attackers, numbering more than 60, allegedly waited for an armored personnel carrier patrolling the region to pass before attacking, according to Hezron Kandie, who miraculously survived the onslaught.

“Na hata wakati wanachukua ng’ombe walikuwa wanaona tu askari wakienda, na sasa wanajua askari wanapitia tu barabara hawapiti kwa msitu,” remarked Kandie.

Although Musa Chesir continues to get care in the Marigat sub-county hospital, the injured child has been transported to Kabarnet hospital.

The locals claim that despite the deployment of security personnel in other counties, they have not yet observed the uniforms in action in their neighborhood.

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