‘We Could Not Pick Your Secret Calls’ Mwilu Explains

Philomena Mwilu has explained that the supreme Court of Kenya judges refused to pick calls from any of the lawyers. According to Mwilu, they received calls from state operatives as well but they couldn’t pick calls because the judges have not slept for 7 days.

The judge made it clear that the supreme Court of Kenya is an independent institution which cannot be influenced by anyone. It’s evident that the judges have delivered a ruling which was expected by majority Kenyans across the country.

Justice Philomena Mwilu is convinced that the court is doing it’s work by switching off calls to avoid influence from any quota. It’s a fact that the ruling sends Raila Odinga back to square one in matters revolving around his political future.

The ruling of the 7 judge has unanimously upheld the declaration of the president elect William Ruto. This matters clearly demonstrates that the court refused to be distracted by people from some corners of the political divide.

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