‘We Are Not Related;’ says CJ Koome and IG Koome.

Japhet Koome, the new Inspector General of Police, has denied any relationship to Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Speaking at the Supreme Court on Friday prior of his inauguration, the IG dismissed claims of family relations, stating that the two leaders sharing the name Koome was purely coincidental.

He clarified, with a light gesture, that his second name is shared with the Chief Justice’s husband, Koome Kiragu.

“Every now and then, I check at social media, and I know last night there was a discussion, a conversation on social media that Koome would be sworn in by Koome.” There are many concerns, but intriguing debates that CJ is about wife and husband, brother and sister… that is not the truth,” IG designate Koome stated.

“I am not related to CJ by blood.” It’s only that she’s married to one Koome Kiragu and I’m Koome Nchebere; I thought I’d make it plain to our Kenyan neighbors.”

CJ Koome, for her part, reiterated the IG’s thoughts, stating that Koome was a popular name among the Meru community, therefore ruling out any possibility of a relationship between the two.

“Thank you for clarifying that you are not my blood family… you should have also mentioned that the name Koome is similar to Wafula, Anyango, Kamau, Mohammed, and other places.” Many people adore it as a name. It signifies a really bright person… so I hope social media corrects that,” the CJ stated.

The remarks come after a recent social media storm over a purported tie between the two leaders, in which a segment of Kenyans online chastised the Kenya Kwanza government for appointing an IG who was related to the CJ.

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