Wajackoyah: They Sent A Woman With Sh200 Million To Bribe Me

Wajackoyah said that he threatened to find a Sudanese man to marry her. 

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has claimed that a woman was sent to bribe him to drop his candidacy ahead of the August polls. 

Speaking on NTV on Wednesday, June 29, Wajackoyah said that the woman was sent with Sh200 million to bribe him.

The Roots Party presidential candidate mentioned that they wanted him to campaign against another presidential candidate. 

“I just chased the woman who was sent to me. I used a curse word. I have millions of Kenyans who believe in me and what I do. For me to take Sh200 Million, to kill the dreams of these young people, they can take it to hell. They wanted me to campaign against another presidential candidate,” Wajackoyah.

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah in a campaign trail. IMAGE: COURTESY

He said that the people who sent the woman think he can’t win the presidency and wanted to use him as a spoiler. 

Wajackoyah exuded confidence that he would win the presidency in the August general election. 

“I am winning this election. The brain I have cannot be conjugated in anything, that’s why I don’t even have a secretariat,” he stated. 

In the fight against the menace of corruption, Prof Wajackoyah promised to hang all corrupt individuals. 

 “I will release all prisoners with petty crimes and introduce death penalty for corrupt people,” he said. 

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