[VIDEO] Tiktoker Aq9ine sets his private parts ablaze to entertain fans

Is there anything content creator Aq9ine hasn’t done to increase his social media following thus far? 

So far, from what I can tell, he has consumed a bat and a spider, the latter of which caused him to experience a bizarre skin response and forced him to leave the “food section.” However, he now has fresh information to give.

We know that Aq9ine decided to set fire to his own private parts as seen in a video published a few days ago. He did this as a publicity stunt to promote a particular mobile network operator, and I sincerely hope it was all worth it.

I say this because it’s clear from the video that Aq9ine was burned during this strange act, and what’s worse is that, based on his caption, it appears that he was doing it to “trim,” if not completely shave off, his pubic hair.

Fans in the comment area didn’t appear to be as shocked by this new stunt, perhaps because they were used to him, but they still made fun of him very well.

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