[VIDEO] Kenyan TikToker Aq9ine, Hospitalised In Serious Condition After Eating A Spider

Controversial Kenyan content creator Aq9ine has now been admitted to hospital in serious condition after reportedly eating a spider.

According to a post on his Instagram stories, the TikToker was admitted “after his chest started aching and fever was at 48℃.”

This comes after Aq9ine had only a few hours earlier, on Saturday, posted a video showing his face and hand swollen asking his followers to pray for him.

He was, in the video, seen itching his puffy-like face and rash-covered hands, citing them as side effects for his actions to eat a spider.

“Guys make your last prayers kabla niende. Mniombe tu bana mi naenda…Naskia ni kama sina uso, nimefura kila mahali. Nimedishi spider bana and this is happening to my whole face,” he said in the video.

He captioned the video as: “If this is my last video, it has been fun entertaining you and risking my life as well..I love risks coz we live a risk..We all gon die so f–k it..Much love comrades.”

Aq9ine later responded to backlash from a section of Kenyans on social media after the video went viral, saying he would remain unbowed; further even adding that, if he recovers, he will cook and eat a frog and a snake.

“Mnaboo bana..mnacatch juu ya mashida zangu why? Mimi nikikufa ntazikwa na mnisahau. Haufai kushtuka juu mimi si wenu.. Nikipona next ni chura na nyoka. Nlisema ntapika adi nikufe. I guess niko almost.. kwani ni kiswa hamradii nini??” He posted.

“Uzuri yangu sitawai wapostia Till munichangie pesa ya hospitali. Bora mnipromise nikikufa mtapull up kwa mazishi yangu Kenya mzima na msaidie familia yangu kupanga mazishi.” 

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