[VIDEO] Hezeh Ndungu: I like singing at clubs because the pay is better.

Reputable Kikuyu gospel performer Hezeh Ndungu recently took part in an interview on YouTube with Kikuyu radio broadcaster Jeff Kuria. He discussed his musical career, including where he began and where he is now.

He claims that after meeting the late Elizabeth Nyambere, who hired him as her voice actor, he began his musical career. He eventually met Musiamo wa Njeri, a well-known Benga singer from Kikuyu, who recorded his first songs and soon made them a smash, making him extremely well-known.

Despite not being motivated by a desire for financial gain, the singer’s message reaching a large audience and his own needs led him to turn his music into a business, an art form, and a form of entertainment. He was occasionally requested to perform at clubs by the late, well-known Kikuyu Benga singer Sammy Muraya in order to get some money for his family, and this actually worked wonderfully.

He made it clear that while he is not against religion, playing in clubs pays more than doing so at religious functions. He claimed that because of his singing at clubs, many people have experienced salvation, which makes him happy because he has no control over what takes place there and is just interested in gaining souls and making money.

He counseled gospel musicians to abandon the idea that clubs are bad places and to instead perform wherever they can get paid to live. What do you think about this? View the whole interview here below:

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