[Video] After keeping Kenyans waiting for hours, Kevin Mboya finally speaks.

Kevin Mboya, a digital marketer, content developer, and YouTuber, has at last commented after going hours without speaking since he posted that he was making the trip from Nairobi to Kwale to surprise his fiancée on her birthday.

Mboya shared on his YouTube channel that his trip didn’t go as planned and that he was so devastated that he came back with the same now-viral arrangement of flowers that he was supposed to surprise her with.

Kevin, whose amorous overtures shocked the nation, confessed that he was in a horrible place mentally and unable to offer further information about how the show of love had backfired on him.

Mboya claimed he went to Kwale full of love but came back broken-hearted.

He was, however, circumspect about the specifics and made a commitment to provide more information about what transpired in the future.

“I traveled to Kwale full of love, but I returned with room for more love. I appreciate your concern, and I’ll shortly share additional information regarding what occurred in Kwale.”

The digital marketer took to his platform to express his excitement about going from Nairobi to Kwale (a whopping 500 kilometers) in an effort to surprise his fiancée, and his tweet went incredibly viral for the better part of the weekend.

In order to create the impression that he had forgotten about his girlfriend’s birthday, Mboya explained his ingenious strategy, noting that he hadn’t contacted or texted her for the previous 24 hours.

He mentioned that he went to her workplace with the intention of surprising her with flowers.

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