Vera Sidika Shows Off Daughter’s “Imported Ksh.30K” Birthday Gown.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo, threw a lavish birthday party for their daughter Princess Asia Brown, who turned one year old last week.

Vera’s close friends and family attended the pink-themed event, where they cut cake and popped champagne to celebrate the socialite’s first child.

She claims that her affection for children is unavoidable, and the goal of her daughter’s first birthday party was to allow children to interact and have fun.

“I wanted it to feel like a proper children’s birthday party.” “It wasn’t about us adults, but about making the beautiful kids smile,” she wrote on Instagram.

Asia, the birthday girl, wore a stunning pink princess-style gown.

Her mother now claims that the dress cost $250, or Ksh. 30,250, and was imported from the United States.

She had previously thrown her daughter a similarly expensive party when she was six months old.

Vera has always been proud of the pricey stuff she buys for her kid, as well as the previously imported diapers, clothing, bedding, and clothes hangers.

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