US Government To Aid In Investigation Of LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba’s Murder

The State Department of the United States has pledged to assist in the investigation into the gruesome murder of fashion designer and LGBTQ rights advocate Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo, also known as Edwin Chiloba.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US Department of State, stated during a news conference on Tuesday that the government led by President Joe Biden will provide all help required to guarantee that justice is done.

Spokesman Price further denounced the murder, calling it the height of hatred, and asked law enforcement to apprehend the suspects without delay.

“Ultimately, the most extreme kind of bigotry has no place in free and democratic communities. Last week, we stressed the need for Kenya to launch a complete and open investigation into the man’s death. And of course, we stand ready to help if there is anything we can do,” he added.

Mr. Price continued to condemn violence against anyone, including members of the LGBTQ community, stating that many people who benefited from Chiloba’s leadership were impacted by his death.

“So many people in that Kenyan town benefited from his leadership, from his notoriety, and from his assistance. Of course, violence against anyone, including LGBTQI+ people, is reprehensible,” Price remarked.

On January 4, Chiloba’s body was found placed into a metal box near Kipkenyo, Eldoret, after witnesses saw unidentified assailants dump off the metal box by the roadside before swerving away.

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