US government offers a reward of Ksh1.2 billion for information on three Most wanted Al-Shabab leaders.

A $10 million (Ksh. 1.2 billion) reward is being offered by the United States to anyone with information that results in the capture of three Al-Shabaab terrorist group leaders.

The US claimed responsibility for several terrorist strikes that have killed hundreds of people in Somalia, Kenya, and surrounding nations in a statement at its embassy in Nairobi on Monday.

Mahad Karate, Jehad Mostafa, and Ahmed Diriye are the three heads of the terrorist organizations.

“The United States is offering a reward for intelligence leading to the identification and disruption of Al-finance Shabaab’s and revenue streams to our Kenyan and regional partners. This is important information about how Al-Shabaab exploits local money donors, facilitators, and natural resources, a senior US official said.

We are aware that Al-Shabaab receives funding from a wide range of criminal activities that take place all over the world to support their operations and the annual slaughter of hundreds of people.

The informants are requested to send the information to +254-71-87-12-366 (Kenya) or +252-68-43-43-308 via Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp (Somalia).

The informants will be qualified for both relocation and the prize.

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