UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson To Resign But To Continue As PM Until The Autumn

Boris Johnson will resign as Conservative leader on Thursday – he will continue as Prime Minister until the autumn.

This summer will see a contest for the Conservative leadership, and a new leader will take office in time for the October Tory party convention.

Since Tuesday, more than 50 ministers have left the government, and many lawmakers are outraged at the way Chris Pincher, Johnson’s former deputy chief whip who was accused of groping two men last week, handled his resignation.

In Parliament, backbenchers booed Mr. Johnson as he left through a side door following a ruthless grilling over his handling of the party’s most recent sex-and-bullying scandal the day before after several Conservative Party lawmakers urged him to resign.

According to sources, the UK Prime Minister refused to leave without a fight, dismissing close ally and senior cabinet minister Michael Gove who reportedly tried to get Johnson to admit his time was up.

Since he won a resounding election in 2019, Johnson’s leadership has been marred by a string of scandals.

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