Ugly Scene: Woman caught in the act with her son caned and frogmarched to a nearby market.

A middle-aged woman in Tigania Central, Meru County, got into difficulty with the local men and women after she was exposed having sex with her son, who is 27 years old, in public.

When she was having sexual contact with her son, her husband caught her. The man cried out in distress, drawing the locals’ attention.

Villagers wielding twigs and shouting songs invaded her homestead while baying for her blood. Later, irritated female friends flashed her out of her home.

The angry throng caned her before frogmarching her to the local shopping center, ignoring her cries for mercy. She was whipped by ladies and had to carry ripe bananas on her back.

According to preliminary investigations, the woman has been seducing young boys to have sexual relations with her.

The locals claimed that they made the decision to punish the woman according to established customs because they believed she posed a danger to the young boys and men in the neighborhood.

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