UDA MP wants presidential term limit removed and the retirement age reduced to 75.

Salah Yakub, a Fafi member of parliament, has put forth a proposal to eliminate the two-year presidential term and raise the eligibility age to 75.
The UDA legislator contends that limiting a president’s term to only two terms prevents effective leaders from having the chance to advance the country.

During a weekend food distribution campaign in Garissa County, he declared, “I, along with some of my fellow MPs, are intending to pass a Bill in Parliament that opposes the two terms of serving as president.”

Additionally, we advocate for no one to run for president after turning 75.

There should be no restriction on the number of presidential terms, not even to two, three, or four. If the president is performing well, he should continue in office.

He added that, despite the fact that Mwai Kibaki was a progressive leader, the nation cannot afford to “make the same mistake” that was made when he was forced to step down as president.

We don’t want to make the same errors we did under Mwai Kibaki. Because the Constitution only allowed him to hold office for two terms, he quit without completing all of his programs, he claimed.

Given that President William Ruto is currently 55 years old and will have 20 years to run for office if the Bill is passed, he will then have the chance to run for more terms.

He will therefore be qualified to run in 2027, 2032, and 2037.

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