UDA distances it’s self from Fafi MP Yakub Sentiments on ‘Plans to abolish the presidential term limit’ 

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has refuted reports that the party’s associated MPs want to eliminate the two-term limit for president.

Salah Yakub, a member of the Fafi party, made certain assertions, which the President Ruto-led party described as “a product of the legislator’s fertile imagination” in a tweet.

The party further denied the MP’s assertions that a bill to increase the presidential term limit was under consideration.

The UDA party stated, “The Party has not participated in talks regarding term limits. The Party is busy implementing The Plan and will not be involved in sideshows.”

The controversial Bill, according to the MP, would aim to replace the existing two-term limit that went into force before the 1992 General Election with a limitation on the presidential age limit of 75 years.

The President shall hold office for a term commencing on the day of inauguration and terminating when the next elected President is sworn in, as stated in Article 142 of the Constitution.

No one may hold the office of president for more than two terms, according to the 2010 constitution.

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