Uasin Gishu: Man On The Run After Allegedly Killing His Stepson.

A manhunt has been initiated by police in Turbo, Uasin Gishu County for a man who is allegedly responsible for the death of his one-week-old stepson on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, Daniel Kipchumba fooled his wife into leaving the house to call for help at 4 a.m. by pretending to be sick.

Based on a police report made public on Tuesday afternoon, Kipchumba and his 12-year wife, Grace Atwoli, reconciled in December of last year after divorcing in 2019.

At the time, she was heavily pregnant as a result of a previous relationship.

“Kipchumba, who had since wed a different lady while the first wife was away and moved in with her in his mother’s compound, seemed to find this irritating. But unbeknownst to Grace, Kipchumba had planned a scheme to kill her tiny bundle of joy, according to the police.

As per reports, Kipchumba informed his wife that he was feeling pretty ill and asked her to contact his mother and second wife so they could help him get to the hospital.

But the husband was nowhere to be found when she returned with her stepmother and another wife. The three people arrived to find the infant’s lifeless body, which was drenched in blood and had apparent marks on its neck and was laying on a mattress.

The report also stated that “the baby’s head looked to have been struck with a blunt object.”

The body was taken to the morgue at Kimbilio Nursing Home Hospital in anticipation of an autopsy.

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