Tyler Mbaya: Am Taking Legal Action Against The Person Who Leaked Georgina Njenga’s Nude Videos

Tyler Mbaya and his baby mama Georgina Njenga [Photo | Courtesy]

Actor Tyler Mbaya of the Machachari said they will file a lawsuit against whoever released his baby mama Georgina Njenga’s videos.

“The strategy is already in motion, and in the near future they will be updating the public on the entire process,” Tyler Mbaya stated in a phone conversation with Milele FM host Ankali Ray.

Tyler Mbaya also stated that nothing could ever change how much he loved Georgina Njenga. He assured her that his feelings for her were unaffected by what had occurred and that he would stand by her through everything.

“Hakuna kitu inaeza tubabaisha, I adore Georgina Njenga.”

Although Georgina is not currently speaking to anyone, he claimed that she is doing fine.

A few days ago, videos of Georgina Njenga dancing while wearing her birthday suit went viral online.

The mother of one asserted that she was 17 years old when the videos were taken. She further disclosed that a man she formerly loved released the videos and has been extorting her ever since she declared her connection with Tyler Mbaya.

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