Two suspected cattle thieves burnt to death in Kirinyaga.

On Monday morning, a mob in Kirinyaga murdered two residents whom they suspected of robbing and butchering four cows in one of the villages.

The two suspects were allegedly operating a Toyota Probox, which was discovered to be fully laden with fresh beef, according to the locals.

The incident took place in Kathiriku village in the Murinduko ward of Mwea’s Riagiceru area.

According to locals, the suspects took four cows from the village, butchered them, and loaded them onto the car.

Mama Regina Wanjiku stated, “I raised alarm after finding that my two cows had been taken, and the residents responded immediately.

“We discovered four skinned and beheaded cows inside the car. My cow’s head was among the heads, Wanjiku remarked.

Elias Munene Kiura, the area chief, verified the occurrence and noted that the two suspects were locals who were well-known to the villagers.

The chief and police officers made an attempt to free the suspects from the mob, but they were defeated.

Chief Kiura stated that the police were “forced to shoot in the air in an attempt to frighten the mob, but were overcome.”

Concern over the county’s escalating cow theft instances was expressed by the locals, the majority of whom depend on livestock.

Chief Kiura also issued a warning to the populace about enforcing the law themselves.

“As municipal authorities, we have cautioned citizens against taking part in mob justice. We have little chance of getting crucial information from suspects that would enhance our investigations, the Chief declared.

Police are looking for more suspects, according to Mr. Daniel Kitavi, the subcounty police commander for Mwea East, but he warned locals against using mob justice.

The suspects’ burned remains were delivered to the mortuary at Kerugoya hospital.

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