Two police officers detained in Machakos after robbing a student.

After reportedly attacking a university student in Machakos and robbing him of his cell phone and other possessions, two police officers have been taken into jail.

Early on Monday morning, two Machakos University students were reportedly stopped by Kevin Sila and David Muringu on their way to their rented housing.

The police, who were riding a motorcycle, then attacked one of the students, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reported, “with booming slaps while they looted his pockets.”

However, “his roommate just managed to escape the attack and took flight screaming, drawing neighbors who just so happened to be university students,” according to DCI.

The frantic calls were eventually answered by on-site students, who freed the attacked student.

The two police officers tried to run after returning the stolen phone, but they were unsuccessful since Machakos police officers had already arrived and taken them into custody.

The two will be placed in custody by the police in Machakos while they await arraignment.

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