Two dorms at Cheptenye Boys High School are destroyed by fire.

Two dorms at Cheptenye Boys High School in Belgut, Kericho County, were destroyed by fire early on Tuesday, putting 180 students at risk of spending the night outside.

Under the condition of anonymity, staff employees who talked to Citizen Digital stated the fire began as the students were taking in their breakfast.
The origin of the fire was unknown as of the time of publication.

According to the staff, a cloud of smoke was coming from the dorms as the students waited in line to be served.

They hurried to the scene and made an effort to save their possessions, but the building had already been completely destroyed by the fire.

The community, employees, and students all tried to put out the fire, but were unsuccessful due to the strong winds that were blowing at the time.

None of the personal belongings of the students could be recovered.

Later, the Kericho county fire department’s fire brigade arrived the school but was unable to do much to put out the flames.

Late in the morning, the school board of management was in a closed-door meeting.

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