Twinned vehicles: The illusion of an “all-new” model simply by changing the badges

Under the skin, twinned vehicles are essentially identical, yet they are promoted as individual automobiles and sold under various brand names. Manufacturers view this as a means to accomplish two goals at once: increasing their market penetration while avoiding the greater engineering expenditures associated with developing a new vehicle. Since an automaker may produce the appearance of a “all-new” vehicle by only changing the badges, the grille, and other surface-level style components, this method is also known as “badge engineering.” Verify this;

1. Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio

There aren’t many distinctions between these vehicles, and Toyota typically refers to the Allion as the premium model of the premio.

2. Toyota probox and Toyota succeed.

While the succeed has just one option, the 1500cc, the probox offers two options: the 1300cc and the 1500cc. The only distinction is that a Toyota Succeed costs more money.

3. Toyota Ractis and Subaru Trezia.

Just similar cars, that’s all. That Toyota has some influence on Subaru decisions for you.

4. Toyota Voxy and Noah.

Although they both have a 2000 cc engine, some claim that the Toyota Noah is slightly larger.

5. Nissan Lafesta and Mazda Primacy.

When it comes to parts, the only real distinction between Mazda and Nissan is the emblem.

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