Truck transporting LPG gas overturns at Sagana Bridge.

On Monday, October 31, a vehicle transporting highly flammable LPG gas overturned at the Sagana River Bridge near Marua, on the Nyeri-Karatina road.

Pictures obtained by show that the lorry destroyed the bridge’s rail barriers. At this time, no casualties have been reported.

Although there was no obvious leak from the container, neighbors were spotted hurrying to the scene of the accident while completely unaware of the potential threat.

By the time this item was published, police had not yet made an official announcement regarding the accident’s cause.

Kenyans responded to the morning incident in a variety of ways, with some urging the locals not to vandalize the vehicle.

In response to a Facebook comment, Lucy Lutere stated, “This is not a place for residents to rush to; people should depart from the area as quickly as possible.”

In line with Lucy’s remarks, Sammy Kanyi declared that “Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is very highly explosive and people should avoid the site.”

Police have repeatedly advised the public to avoid rushing to the scene of an accident, particularly when it involves a vehicle transporting volatile gasoline supplies.

Due to its great flammability, LPG gas is typically employed in industry and as a cooking fuel.

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