Truck plunges into the Indian Ocean; two people rescued

On Saturday, two people were saved after a truck plummeted into the Indian Ocean.

The truck, which was carrying cement from Mombasa Island, crashed into the Indian Ocean near the Likoni Crossing Channel Mainland side.

According to reports, the truck’s brakes failed while it was being driven up the hill from the ferry.

Standby divers and the security guards manning the channel helped pull the driver and his co-driver, who were still inside the car at the time of the event, out to safety.

To keep it from drifting farther into the deep waters of the ferry crossing channel, the truck was next secured by tying it to the boat.

Due to the event, Kenya Ferry Services had to temporarily remove other ships from the waterway, which backed up traffic.

Elungata further mentioned that the mechanical failure was caused by the truck’s being overloaded with cement, which is a traffic infraction.

The truck was quickly hauled out of the water and held for additional questioning as rescue efforts were arranged.

Following a significant rise in connections between Mombasa and the South Coast for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, the channel is seeing an uptick in traffic.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) had previously stated that it will supply more vessels and extend its operating hours to permit more unrestricted circulation of automobiles and pedestrians.

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