Trans Nzoia: Woman beaten by angry neighbors for dumping her nine-month-old fetus in a toilet.

A mother who abandoned her nine-month-old fetus in a toilet has been reported by Trans Nzoia County locals. Before the ares police intervened and saved the mother and her three children, the woman was beaten by the enraged locals.

According to her neighbors, the mother, Jentrix Nafula, had a “stomach upset” before using the restroom. They heard the infant crying from inside the bathroom when she subsequently asked her neighbor to give her a razor blade.

Residents were outraged by the incident and demand that the mother to be prosecuted. However, the mother asserts that she was uninformed of her pregnancy and was shocked to hear the baby crying when she was in the bathroom.

Aside from denouncing the conduct, the chief of police in the area asked locals to exercise caution and avoid unintended pregnancies.

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