Tom Wolf: Wajackoyah’s Influence Might Deny Raila And Ruto First-Round Win

Roots Party leader Prof. George Wajackoyah could deny Azimio leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto a first-round win in the State House race, research analyst Tom Wolf says. 

According to the pollster who is a political analyst for research firm TIFA, one should not rule out the possibility of a run-off in the August General Election, partly because of Prof. Wajackoyah’s unique proposals should he be elected president.

 “Given the unconventionality of his offerings to Kenyans, I have to say that anything is possible,” Dr. Wolff said in an interview on Citizen TV’s Sunday Live program.

“When TIFA did a Nairobi County survey about three weeks ago, he was at 3 percent. I went back and looked at the data and he has about four times more support among people in the youngest age group (18-24)  than he does for people over 35.”

He was quoting a June TIFA poll which placed Odinga as the most popular candidate among Nairobi residents at 50 percent, while Dr. Ruto was at 25 percent and Prof. Wajackoyah at 7 percent.

Dr. Wolff, however, noted that the influence of Wajackoyah’s perceived popularity in the presidential race is dependent on whether the youth, who comprise a majority of his supporters, will vote.

“We know, from our data also, that in terms of voter registration and the likelihood of voting based on past data that people in that younger group are less likely to vote on August 9 than older people, so will that 7 percent for Nairobi even materialise?” he posed.

Among the things the Roots Party leader has promised Kenyans is introduction of dog meat exportation to offset the country’s burgeoning debt, as well as legalising the cultivation of marijuana and introducing snake farming in order to export dog and snake meat to China and other countries.

Wolff further argued that some of the voters purporting to support Wajackoyah’s bid could also be doing so for fun because of his quirky ideas.

“I am also thinking about the possibility of the people who have said they are voting for him not being serious. Are they telling us that for fun?”

He added: “I would put the people most likely to vote for him into three categories; those protesting the choice between Raila and Ruto, those who maybe believe in his economic model and then third, just for fun because they like the music that he makes.”

Although Wajackoyah’s bid has been enjoying increased popularity among younger voters nationwide, some church leaders have lately been warning their faithful to be wary of Prof. Wajackoyah’s ideals, labelling them immoral and unethical.

Similarly, veterinary practitioners recently came out to dismiss his proposal to have Kenya trade in snakes and hyenas, terming it impractical.

Prof. Wajackoyah has, however, maintained that he is prepared to counter perceived resistance that his unique proposals would evoke among some of the country’s residents.

The professor will face Dr. Ruto, Mr. Odinga and Agano Party’s David Mwaure Waihiga in the August 9 contest.

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