To support the fight against the drought, the Cabinet will forfeit one month’s pay.

File image of the Parliament buildings in Nairobi. [Photo | Courtesy]

The Cabinet of President William Ruto has decided to contribute to the nation’s efforts to mitigate the effects of the drought by forgoing one month’s pay.

This was made public on Tuesday during the third Cabinet meeting, which President Ruto presided over at State House in Nairobi and covered a range of policy topics, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of the drought mitigation measures put in place.

The recently established National Drought Response Steering Committee, which is led by Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom, was praised at the Cabinet meeting, according to a statement distributed to newsrooms.

The communiqué stated that “the nation’s top policy-making body was also informed on the progress made in tackling the effects of the ongoing drought in several sections of the country.”

The National Steering Committee on Drought Response’s sponsorship of the expanding relationship between the State, Development Partners, and the country’s commercial sector was applauded at the conference.

“The meeting determined that all Members will forgo one month’s salary as their individual and collective contribution towards the continuing State initiatives that benefit all Kenyans afflicted by the drought,” the statement continued.

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