TikToker Aq9ine Breaks Silence Over Swollen Face And Eating Spider

A week after he went viral, and was reportedly hospitalised for cooking and eating a spider, TikToker Aq9ine now says the whole story was just another episode of things that never happened.

Speaking during an interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, the content creator claimed to have been bitten by a spider on his way to work. 

“Sikukula spider, spider ndio ilinidhishi….sio kila kitu mnaona kwa social media ni ukweli…” the content creator said. 

“Wewe unaweza kula spider na vile iko na manywele kwa mgongo? wewe ukiwa na akili mzuri unaweza dishi kitu kama hiyo?”

While setting the record straight on the story that gripped local headlines, Aq9ine said he was tensed after getting an allergic reaction from the spider bite. 

“Niliumwa na spider kwa mkono…hapa, na nilikuwa naenda kazi na tulikuwa na foreman wangu, mimi hufanya kazi construction, mjengo…” he added. 

“Niliumiwa Chogoria, kwa hardware… nikifanya video nilikuwa nimetense so hata sijui kitu nilisema,” 

The content creator says he was surprised hours later to realise that the video had gone viral  

“Nilikuwa nahudumiwa nyumbani na Dr. Rose, kuingia kwa mtandao najiona huko Nairobi gossip nikashindwa, rada?” he added. 

Aq9ine shot to infamy after posting several videos in which he cooked and ate all manners of things, from a bat and a mole to the the slimy Nigerian staple, Okra. 

But it was a  video in which he showed off his swollen face amid claims that he had eaten a spider that thrust him into national fame, and spurred questions into the lengths creators will go to rake in the elusive views. 

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