Tiktok blogger Kinuthia chastised for referring to himself as ‘Babygirl.’

Kelvin Kinuthia, a , has offended some social media users by referring to himself as a girl while possessing a name that has usually been bestowed to men.

Kinuthia, who gained celebrity by dressing as a woman and applying make-up, posted an image of himself online wearing a yellow clothing appropriate for a lady and identifying as a girl celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas.

“A baby girl celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth,” Kinuthia wrote. Although Kinuthia has avoided discussing his gender on multiple occasions, many people still believe he is a man because of his name.

However, there are many who claim Kinuthia is gay, though this has never been proven.

“Ati baby girl, it’s okay then, Merry Christmas baby girl,” Akoth sarcastically said.

“The person who cursed Kinuthia is still alive. The young man struggled greatly “Dennis stated.
“You need Jesus to help you grow from a baby girl to a man. This is a pity “Another person advised him.

” I’m not sure if we should call you Shiru or not.” Irene inquired.
Kinuthia indicated a few months ago that he was seeking for someone, but he did not specify who he was looking for or whether it was a man or a woman. He just said he was looking for someone.

When he was seen in a video with another blogger dubbed Mtumba Man, allegations started circulating that he was gay. They made headlines when the photographs of them in the video were erased a few moments later when they were bombarded with criticism from all sides.

Kinuthia should be respected in whichever identity he chooses to identify with. My sense is that he takes advantage of any chance that comes his way.

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