Three police officers detained while soliciting a Ksh. 200K bribe from two students.

On Tuesday, three police constables were detained after they allegedly harassed two university students and demanded Ksh. 100K in bribes from each.

Alvin Kyalo, a student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), and Robert Mutugi, a student from Daystar University, were encountered by Victor Khisa, John Odhiambo, and Timothy Otieno at the entrance to the T-Mall after they had just finished eating lunch at the nearby Magharib building, according to a police report from the Lang’ata police station.

The officers, who were wearing civilian clothing, detained the two for alleged possession of marijuana.
Then, Mutugi was driven away in a silver Toyota Premio with three people inside—one wearing a full jungle outfit and the other two in regular clothing. Kyalo was placed in a white Toyota Vitz.

“The two were detained for more than four hours in the aforementioned vehicles. In order to secure their release or avoid being taken into custody, they were had to phone their parents and contribute $100,000 each.

After that, Mutugi was led to a neighboring M-Pesa agent, where he was made to withdraw some Ksh. 10,000 that his father had given him and another Ksh. 10,000 that he had on him.

Then, he was set free.
Then Kyalo got in touch with his mother, who allegedly works in the city’s center. The officers allegedly demanded Ksh. 100,000 from her when she came in order to ensure her son’s release.

She also refused to get into a police car, according to the police report, demanding instead to be permitted to withdraw money from the mall.

She saw police officers patrolling the mall and informed them of the situation, which prompted them to take action.

“She instructed them to wait while she withdrew the money from T-Mall. She encountered patrolling cops from the Nyayo police post at T-Mall and informed them of the event. When the police arrived at the scene where the two cars were parked, they were able to apprehend two suspects who were in the Vitz and save Kyalo “the statement was said.

When they noticed the cops, the other four people in the Premio were able to flee.

A KDF smoke jacket, a reflector jacket, and a radio set device made by Simoco were also recovered during the operation.

According to the police report, one student claimed that the culprits had assaulted him.

Following their detention, it was determined that the cops were employed by Lang’ata’s K9 squad.

In anticipation of their arraignment, they were held at the Langata police station.

A manhunt is ongoing in the meanwhile to find the eluded suspects.

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