Three people arrested in Kitale with sacks of decomposing meat.

Trans Nzoia County public health officers seized more than 150 pounds of decomposing meat, which was allegedly transported by bus from Nairobi.

The cops and their veterinary department counterparts seized the meat at the Kitale bus park after receiving a tip from members of the public.

They nabbed three guys who were carrying the meat at the Kitale Police Station. The meat was being stored in gunny bags.

Members of the community witnessed the suspects – two bodaboda riders and the accused owner of the meat – loading it onto motorcycles.

They sounded the alarm, notifying county officers who were patrolling the bus park.

According to Kitale Municipality Public Health Officer Jane Aluodho, the suspects lacked a permit and couldn’t explain where the meat was going.

Trans Nzoia County People Health Officer Nobert Musundi cautioned the public to be wary of unscrupulous individuals transporting improper commodities in the region.

He reminded public transportation operators that if their vehicles are proven to be assisting in the transportation of substandard products, they will face severe penalties.

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