The first person in history to die in a car accident

Mary Ward of Belfast passed away on August 31, 1869, after falling out of a steam-powered carriage, making her death earlier than that of Ms. Driscoll. Ward was the first person to pass away while travelling in a car, making Driscoll the first pedestrian murdered by a car.

Bridget Driscoll’s (1851–17 August 1896) passing was the first pedestrian fatality in a motor vehicle accident in Great Britain.

Driscoll was struck by an automobile driven by the Anglo-French Motor Carriage Company while she was crossing Dolphin Terrace in the grounds of the Crystal Palace in London with her teenage daughter May and her friend Elizabeth Murphy.

Bridget Driscoll’s death marked the first instance of a pedestrian being fatally injured in a car accident in Great Britain.

The crash occurred only a few weeks after a new Act of Parliament raised the maximum speed limit for cars from 2 miles per hour in towns to 14 miles per hour (23 km/h).

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