The DPP has yet to make a decision in the Asad Khan death investigation.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has yet to make a decision on the dossier provided to him about the death of Safari Rally driver Asad Khan.

The Investigating Officer (IO) informed the court today that the case has been thoroughly investigated and is now in the hands of the DPP for a referral.

Maxine Wahome was charged with nothing and was arraigned in the case on a miscellaneous application.

The prosecution requested that the miscellaneous application be closed while they awaited the DPP’s instructions. Attorney for Asad Khan’s family Danstan Omari protested to the action.

Omari claimed that the IO had withheld its recommendations and claimed that it was a set up to close the unrelated application without charging anyone.

It was stated in court that “the investigations officer has not provided the recommendations… if the DPP decides to charge the person, what happens… this is the first case where we don’t have the directions.”

A lawyer for the property owner where the event occurred has also requested access to the home, claiming that his client is losing money as a result of the occurrence.

“As of today, we have arrears of Ksh.269,500…our it’s desire that the IO returns back the premises to the landlord so that he does not continue to suffer income loss,” the court was informed.

The IO, however, stated that the keys will be given to the landlord after receiving approval from the DPP.

The decision will be made on February 15, 2023.

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