Tarrus Riley To Headline The WRC Koroga Festival Naivasha

Jamaican reggae icon Tarrus Riley is set to headline the 30th edition 2022 WRC Koroga Festival which is set for June 23 to 26.

The festival, which will be going down at The Gardens on Moi South Lake Road in Naivasha, will see fans enjoy a cocktail of art, entertainment, rich cuisines tagging on the approved slogan by Kenyan revelers, “vibes and inshallah”.

Alongside the ‘She’s Royal’ hitmaker, a couple of Kenyan popular artists will be making appearances on stage with their much anticipated performances.

Some of them are Mugithi artist Samidoh, Burukylyn Boyz, Otile Brown, Nviiri the Storyteller, Kamanu and Gravitti Band, according to an event organizer who spoke to the media.

Others are DJ UV, DJ Stretch, Joe Mfalme, Slick Cobain and DJ Lisney.

Coinciding with the 2022 World Rally Championship (WRC), the festival will be making a comeback after a two year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Revelers will now have an opportunity to watch the WRC Safari Rally as they enjoy themselves during the festival.

The Koroga Festival is a celebration of African music, food, art and fashion brought to you in the form of a concert and open boutique market.

Aptly named after the Swahili word meaning “mix,” The Koroga Festival is a great reflection of Kenya’s brilliant and diverse local talent, whilst also attracting leading artists from all over the world through music, fashion, food and arts.

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