Tana River: 2 people detained after 2,000 liters of illegal brew found.

Over 2,000 liters of the illegal brew known as “Makole” have been seized by police in the Mororo informal settlement in Madogo, Tana River County.

In a sting operation intended to purge the neighborhood of notorious criminal elements, the authorities detained two of the principal brewers.

The brew dens have been accused of being responsible for numerous acts of violence in the neighborhood, including daytime muggings and robberies.

The crackdown, which was carried out by security forces, the area chief, and youngsters, revealed that as the holiday season approaches, brew manufacture and consumption are on the rise.

Local Police Commander Joseph Katuku said similar operations will continue to target drug dealers in the area until those responsible for the recent wave of instability are dealt with while destroying the batch at Madogo Police Station.

He warned individuals involved in the production of illegal alcohol, attributing family dissolution and neglect to its usage.

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