Stylish electric vehicles to look out for in 2023

All-electric vehicles (EVs) reached a turning point in the 2022 model year as more automakers released a wider range of them. This range will grow with the 2023 model year, with the majority being constructed on new EV-specific platforms. Here is a list of freshly released EVs for the 2023 model year, along with details on each one.

1. Mercedes-EQ EQE Sedan

In many aspects, Mercedes’ second electric car resembles the top-of-the-line EQS Sedan while being shorter and less expensive. The EQE Sedan’s swooping design is just as divisive, its luxury just as lavish, and its technology just as advanced as the EQS.

It is less athletic than rival Tesla but has a more luxury feel. The car has a wide range of basic and optional technology as well as Mercedes-Benz pampering amenities.

The RWD 350+, 350 4Matic with AWD, and more potent AWD 500 4Matic are the three possible models. Standard battery capacity is 90.6 kWh. The standard variant’s price is roughly US$76,000 (Sh9.4 million).

2. BMW i7

The new i7 electric version of BMW’s 7 Series premium vehicle is part of the revamp. The i7 xDrive60 joins the i4 sedan and the iX SUV as BMW’s third electric vehicle.

Dual electric motors producing a combined 536 horsepower and 549 pounds-feet of torque power the all-wheel drive i7, which combines the new front and back appearance, minimalist interior, and tech of the other variants.

It has a battery pack that is EPA-rated for a range of up to 318 miles on a single charge. Prices begin at more over $120,000 USD (Sh14.9 million).

3. Lexus RZ 450e

The RZ 450e, Lexus’s first fully electric vehicle, is now available for preorder. The new RZ shares the same electric vehicle (EV) architecture as the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra, but it’s longer for more space and adds more zip with a dual-motor AWD system capable for up to 312 hp. It also has Lexus aesthetics and a more upscale Lexus interior.

Before launch, several feature and spec elements, including pricing, must be finalized. The RZ 450e has an innovative electronic AWD system, according to the manufacturer.

4. Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV

The EQS SUV is the top dog of Mercedes’ growing EQ sub-brand. It is similar to Mercedes’ well-known GLS conventional SUV and is essentially a higher, more practical version of its swoopy EQS Sedan sibling, much like the EQE SUV.

The SUV, like the EQS Sedan, is posher than competing Teslas and strives for peaceful elegance rather than sporty driving. You may get the gigantic 56-inch Hyperscreen stated above, and the interior styling and materials are mostly taken from the sedan.

The RWD 450+, AWD 450 4Matic, and the more potent AWD 580 4Matic are the three variants. The EPA rates the 107.8-kWh battery’s range at 305 miles for the base model and 285 miles for the AWD variants. Prices begin at slightly less than $106,000 US (Sh13 million).

5. Subaru Solterra

Subaru’s first battery-electric vehicle is a spacious compact SUV developed in collaboration with Toyota’s bZ4X SUV. The Solterra is only available in dual-motor AWD configuration in the United States, as befits a Subaru.

For low-friction and off-road driving conditions, the X-Mode drive system has Snow/Dirt and Deep Snow/Mud modes in addition to Grip Control and Downhill Assist Control.

The Solterra has a combined system output of 215 horsepower and 8.3 inches of ground clearance. Its charging capabilities are same to those of the bZ4X, and its EPA-rated ranges of up to 222 or 228 miles match those of the Toyota AWD models. Prices begin at just over $46,000 USD (Sh5.7 million).

6. Toyota bZ4X

Toyota’s first fully electric vehicle is a very Toyota EV with Toyota SUV styling, no spaceship-inspired interior decor, and conventional Toyota driving characteristics. It also happens to feature an electric drivetrain.

The name, which is tough to recall, is the sole unusual aspect of it. The bZ4X compact SUV is spacious and slightly larger than a RAV4 in most areas. With two model levels, FWD or AWD, and generally well-known Toyota technology and safety features, it also has the option of a front-seat radiant foot-and-leg heating, which is a Toyota first. Prices begin at roughly $43,000 USD (Sh5.3 million).

7. Nissan Ariya

Nissan released the Leaf, the country’s first widely available EV, more than ten years ago. The Ariya small SUV is the long-awaited second act that has just begun. AWD vehicles will soon be available, while front-drive ones are already available.

The Ariya, which is roughly the size of Nissan’s Rogue but with a slanted roofline, competes against other electric SUVs with a respectable range, a welcoming interior layout, and cutting-edge driver-assist technology. A power-sliding center console and a storage bin and tray that pull out from the dashboard are among the interior features.

Nissan’s newest ProPilot Park technology, which enables parallel and perpendicular parking, and ProPilot Assist, which enables hands-free highway driving, are both making their debuts on the EV.

The Ariya comes in six trim levels and two battery capacities: a 63-kWh battery with an EPA-rated 216 miles of range and an 87-kWh battery with a range of up to 304 miles. Pricing begins about $45,000 USD (Sh5.5 million).

8. Cadillac Lyriq

After being teased since 2020 and even serving as the focus of a Super Bowl commercial, Cadillac’s Lyriq SUV has finally made an appearance. Cadillac’s first electric vehicle is built on a 102-kWh Ultium platform from General Motors.

The Lyriq has a range rating of up to 312 miles and is available with either a single rear-wheel drive motor or a twin rear-wheel drive motor. The SUV’s futuristic LED lighting features and opulent cabin with a 33-inch display are both part of its design.

Regen on Demand, a mechanism controlled by a steering wheel paddle that determines how quickly the Lyriq comes to a halt without using the brake pedal, and energy regeneration are among the technological characteristics.

GM’s Super Cruise system for hands-free driving on route-mapped roads is an option. RWD and AWD models start at roughly US$63,000 (Sh7.8 million) and US$65,000 (Sh8 million), respectively.

9. Kia EV6 GT

This is really a new performance version of the rocket-shaped Kia EV6 that was introduced for 2022, but it’s a rocket nonetheless, and at roughly US$63,000 (Sh7.8 million) to start, it’s more cheap than many performance EVs.

The dual-motor AWD powertrain in the EV6 GT cranks up the fun with a combined output of 576 horsepower and 545 pounds-feet of torque. Kia predicts a time of 3.5 seconds for 0-60 mph. The EPA-rated range is only 206 miles compared to the long-range EV6’s 282, but fun doesn’t come cheap.

10. Hyundai Ioniq 6

A swoopy, sleek, and more mature Ioniq 6 car will soon join Hyundai’s angular Ioniq 5 SUV (not a hatchback).

It uses the same architecture as the Ioniq 5, has 53- or 77.4-kWh battery options, RWD or AWD powertrains with up to 320 horsepower, and supports fast charging at up to 350 kW as well as external accessory or appliance power.

While the Ioniq 6 has the same wheelbase as the Ioniq 5, its body is about 8 inches longer and its roofline is about 4 inches lower. Features and options are likewise comparable. The cost has not yet been disclosed.

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