Students in Grade 7 To Have Different School Uniforms

Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu [Photo | Courtesy]

The controversy over school uniforms that was brought up by parents and teachers of Grade 7 pupils has been resolved by the Ministry of Education.

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, stated in a news conference on Monday that Grade 7 students transferring to Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) will be obliged to wear a different color or style of uniform to set them apart from students in elementary schools.

“There is need to separate the Junior Secondary School section, as a result a decision has been taken that parents and management agree on the new uniforms for JSS learners. The outfit will not be the same because it is secondary, according to Machogu.

The JSS students will still reside in their prior educational institutions, but their school uniforms will set them apart from children in primary school.

Machogu stated that the Board of Management of each school will decide on the new JSS uniform after holding discussions with parents and other stakeholders.

“Parents will be responsible for buying uniforms for their children,” he stated.

Except for the new school uniforms, parents will not incur additional expenses because their children’s children’s children’s day schools will receive their full tuition from the government except the new school uniforms. Their children’s day schools will receive full payment of their tuition fees from the government

Machogu stated that “no school should collect any fees for Grade 7 students unless such schools have boarding wings,” adding that the government has allocated out Ksh.9.6 billion for the junior secondary students this academic year.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is planning to hire additional teachers, but the ministry has promised students that there will still be enough of them to care for them.

Many primary school graduates who will be teaching in JSS have been trained for this since they will be doing so.

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