Stivo Simple Boy Features Mejja, Exray In ‘Freshi Barida’ Remix

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy is set to release a remix his hit song, Freshi Barida.

The remix that will be released in a weeks’ time is comprised of musicians Mejja, Exray and Amapiano sensation Ntosh Gazi.

According to Stevo’s manager Vaga, the video of the collabo will be shot this week and every party is committed to the project.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Mejja said the idea of having a remix of the song came from Stivo, through his producer Mavo on the Beat.

“The idea came through Mavo, who produced the song and has also been producing my songs. There was a vibe, we had a discussion for few minutes and things started rolling,” Mejja said.

Compared to musicians of his calibre, the Kanairo hitmaker has been open to hitting collabos with younggeneration of musicians.

The support, he says, is as a result of the challenges he faced while starting his career as an artist.

“When I was starting off, the so called established artists were ignoring me. I don’t want to be the person to make others feel the same,” he said.

However, Mejja says he does not work with just any artists, but those who have a good vibe and are not arrogant.

The Freshi Barida song that was released by Stivo a month ago has garnered over 700,000 views on You Tube.

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