Sossion: Give Kenya Kwanza more time; the results will be evident


Wilson Sossion, a former KNUT secretary general, advised Kenyans to exercise more patience and let the Kenya Kwanza government carry out its strategy.

Sossion claims that President William Ruto and his administration put Kenyans first and are working to make good on all of their commitments.

He emphasized once more that the administration has no incentive to be lax, insisting that throughout its five-year term, its only goal is to better the lives of Kenyans.

“People need to get up and go to work because Kenya Kwanza is not William Ruto. We created our strategy and are currently putting it into practice; if Kenyans allow us more time, they will see benefits. We weren’t speaking to make promises to Kenyans; instead, we were discussing what we enjoy doing “said he.

“A government has been elected with a five-year term, and we must perform,” he continued. “Not for the glory of anyone, but for the good of Kenyans, and Kenyans’ lives must be improved.”

On Tuesday night, he was speaking during a Citizen TV interview.

The government has put up a number of suggestions to address the high cost of living and the struggling economy, and Sossion went on to highlight some of them. He noted that resources will be made available to the production sector, which he claimed is the main driver of the economy in Kenya.

“The overall economic theory for the previous few of years has been that the production sector has been completely eliminated. According to Kenya Kwanza’s diagnosis, we must now strike a balance between capital investment, borrowing, and injecting resources into the economy’s production sector. For this reason, the president refused to permit any additional subsidy injections and instead concentrated on increasing production while lowering fertilizer prices “said Sossion.

“We will have enough food if we invest resources in the economy’s producing sector, which is mostly agriculture. Whether we like it or not, we must provide suggestions rather than just offer criticism.”

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